Holiday preparations

Here some information which you need to take in account when visiting the Region Mullerthal - Luxembourg's Little Switzerland.

  • Mullerthal ≠ Mullerthal

The name „Mullerhtal“ can both be used for the little village of Mullerthal, as well as for the region Mullerthal – Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland. In general, when „Mullerthal“ is mentioned, the whole region - consitsting of 14 municipalities and famous for its impressive rocks - is addressed

  • Always carry some cash with you!

Many smaller shops don’t dispose of card readers, respectively only accept credit cards when a minimal amount is reached. For parking tickets you will also need cash.

  • Food on the trails

A multitude of our hiking paths will lead you completely through our breathtaking nature, without a possibility on the way for a bite to eat. Especially on longer hikes we recommend to take some water and / or a small picnic.

  • Bus connections

Despite short distances, there’s no ideal bus connection on all stages. On you can check the train and bus connections for the entire country.

  • Brochures Download

Here you can download all kinds of brochures concerning the Region Mullerthal – Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland.