The most famous picture of the Mullerthal Region - Luxembourg's Little Switzerland!

The Schiessentumpel and its archtitect

The so called „Schießentümpel“ (in Luxembourgish „Schéissendëmpel“) is known as the highest waterfall in Luxembourg. It consists of three separate water jets which over the years dug deep trenches is the rocky river bed of the “Schwaarz Iernz” (“Black Ernz”).

The self-supporting stone bridge, which was probably built in 1879, was already known at that time as an architectural masterpiece. There were several stone sculptures incorporated into the bridge arch. Upon closer inspection, you can still distinguish a crocodile’s head, a slug and some more sculpted stones.

The stonemason Jean-Pierre Prommenschenkel, born 1843 in Christnach is known as the bridge’s builder. He is said to have coordinated the whole construction without having drawn a single plan. Unfortunately, lacking the financial means, he could never complete his masterpiece. In fact, he had planned to have two carved men carry the bridge on their shoulders. According to Prommenschenkel there was a commemorative plaque incorporated into the bridge’s arch citing the names of the country’s monarch, the municipal authority, the priest and the swineherd. At the same spot he buried some coins of the former circulation.

Prommenschenkel was already known in young years for his extraordinary skilfulness. He was also known as humorous and versatile man: “M. Prommenschenkel was also the first local cyclist. People watched in astonishment as he drove around with his one-an-a-half meter tall vehicle. His whole life long he stayed loyal to the cycling sport and even as 80-year-old drove cheerfully through the region. M. Prommenschenkel was also a welcomed conversationalist. In his youth, he had travelled to many countries and so could tell a lot of interesting stories. His humour was inexhaustible. Cards games were one of his passions too, actually just days before his death he enjoyed his last game”[1]. On 29th December 1937, aged 95 Prommenschenkel died as the oldest person in the municipality and was buried on New Year’s Day 1938 in the presence of many dear friends.

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