Local hiking trail - W3

Local hiking trail - W3

Attention! A diversion is currently in place on this hiking trail. Please follow the signs on site. In addition, please be aware that some sections of the trail may be difficult to walk on. Remember to wear sturdy shoes.


Let’s start in Mullerthal at Touristcenter Heringer Millen! This hike leads you through the woods in direction of Berdorf over scenic slopes and past magical rocky formations. Make sure to explore the small corridors in the impressive stone walls surrounding Werschrummschlëff. Directly after you will get to the “Predigtstuhl”, a rocky formation hanging halfway across the main road to Berdorf. Through its labyrinth-like corridors on stairs carved into the rocks you can climb on top of “Predigtstuhl” and enjoy the view. The way back leads you through the cool valley of the Black Ernz into the village of Mullerthal.

Departure and arrival: Touristcenter Heringer Millen, Mullerthal


Tel. +352 72 04 57 1
Fax. +352 72 75 24



Distance : 10.9 km

Time : 03:30 h

Difficulty :

Type of path

Local trails

General information

Local hiking trail - W3

1, Rue des Moulins
L-6245 Mullerthal
T : +352 72 04 57 1
F : +352 72 75 24
E :
W : http://www.mullerthal.lu
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